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I’ve been buying during this correction, and will buy more AAPL this coming Monday. I’ll wait for FCX to drop a bit more to add to my position. And don’t believe the “Europe presages the end of the global economy” hype. Every single correction is blamed on some exogenous event, whether the Debt Crisis, poor Jobs numbers, or whatever. And people freeze in fear. And the Market ALWAYS recovers.

May 19 02:10 PMI think China is in firm control of its growth (it is not like a messy democracy, thankfully) and will chart a course that is very long term in outlook, probably 67% growth per year if I had to guess. That figure might panic those who do not understand that China is not the US or EU; it has a huge amount of building to construct. The IMAX ceo was on CNBC and when asked about growth of IMAX in CHINA, he said, which stunned me, that there were 30 cities in China without even a conventional movie theater.