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A lot of people don’t have watches because they just use their phones. Will they trade in their phones for watches, carry both, or have they gotten used to carrying around just their phones? High end watches are status symbols. Who will take off a Rolex, Patek Philippe, Jaeger etc. watch and put on a mass produced Samsung?Smartwatches should do fine, but the competition is already getting fierce and I’m not willing to bet on any of the players right now.

Mar 25 03:30 PMMore on Amazon: 1) Morningstar and CIRP estimate Amazon’s Prime subs have surpassed 10M. They also estimate Prime members spend an average of $1,200/year on Amazon (twice as much as others), and that Amazon made $78 per Prime sub last year after various expenses. Bloomberg previously reported Amazon had only 3M5M Prime subs as of Oct. ’11. 2) Amazon Web Services is making a stronger push for enterprise accounts by adding virtual private clouds as a default option. Microsoft, VMware, and OpenStack supporters are pitching private and/or hybrid clouds as an alternative to AWS. [View news story]

Good article Ashraf, we are in lockstep on this one. One other potential negative in the next 2 weeks will be conflicting reports about sales and channel checks. BBRY has whiplash from analyst reports about Z10 launches in other countries. One day everything was sold out, the next day nobody was showing interest.

Mar 12 11:50 AMFor me it was a lot simpler than any analysis: 120% from holding on to NFLX for less than 3 months, it was time to ring the register (out 170). Gains like that don’t come along every year, after a big pop always reevaluate your position, just because you still believe in the stock doesn’t mean it should now occupy twice as big a piece of your portfolio. Short term though House of Cards probably will reduce churn and inflate subscriber numbers leading to another good quarter.